We are an agency that loves co-creating new digital things with companies, corporates and SMMEs. We are always on the look out for a few awesome peeps in fields that generally overlap.
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Entrepreneur/ Product Manager: We are looking for peeps who have seen and done it all. These are the guys and gals who can lead from the front. They have honed a finely tuned sense over the years in spotting b@llsh!#. They have built three or more businesses, failed at one or two. They have been there and sold the t-shirt.

Digital Freelancers: These are the guys and gals that make the magic happen, piece by piece. Be it Community Management, Emailers, kick-ass graphics or generally just being awesome.

Engineer/Developer: These are the people that build monuments in (digital) space. They build the engines that drive the ships, code by meticulous code. 

Growth Hacker:
With only client growth in mind 24/7, these guys and gals bring all the magic together to constantly craft and iterate growth engines, straight in the heart of any business venture.

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